Case Study: Rihanna as a Brand

 Rihanna is one of the most succesful artist of the moment and it has not been by chance. She has build a powerfull and stablished brand that could be defined in 3 words: a Rebel Bad Girl

The first things to have to be a good brand are mainly two: being marketable (having a good product and a market) and being consistent (being able to stay in the costumer’s top of mind).

She has got both of them.


Her brand is supported by several facts:


  • Her music: She is a hit maker. Every song she puts out in the market is a hit. She knows what people want and give it to them.

CON.- She might not be able to make/sell the music that she really would like to.


  • Her image: She is attractive and a fashion leader. She makes lots of money from fashion (attending to Fashion Weeks, her own fashion reallity show, designing for other brands such as RiverIsland among others).

CON.- She has to change her look very often (could cause distraction in the begining but not now that she is stablished, and she has to always be ahead of the new trends cause she is a trend maker).

  • Endorsement & sponsorships: She’s got the best deals and joint ventures with stablished brands. From Gucci or Balmain to Covergirl, Budweiser, Nivea, and the latest one with Puma as Executive Creative Director for Women’s sport line.

CON.- Her personal life troubles affect not only her brand but those who with she is collaborating with. One mistake can cost her a deal. Just like happened with Nivea and her party-girl image.

Read this article for more info about it.







  • Her fans: Rihanna has a great fan community. They feel as a group and she calls them “The Navy”. Feeling part of a group is very important for fans who support them in everything. Her ability to deal with social media is a grest example of that. She is one of the most followed artist on intagram and one with most number of views on youtube.

CON.- When you visit her social media you can tell she is behind them (specially her instagram). But being real can be dangerous somethimes. One example of her power online and the danger of managing herown social media platforms is her crisis on instagram showing she is even more powerful that Instagram rules.

Read this article for more info

  • Crisis management: Rihanna had to overcome many personal problem during her life, and as a celebrity, they are public. When she had all the Chris Brown situation, her public image was afected too

The positive side is that she showed herself as a real human with real problems and her team showed ability to deal with the problem: she didn’t talk about it until she felt ready to do it and they protected her image by not giving information away and exploting her sensitive and fragile side.

CON.- In her personal life she could deal with it in such a succesful way. She could not overcome the situation and started a breking up- back together circle that is probably not over yet. Fans were really mad at her and people felt she did not respond with enough determination.


6 comentarios en “Case Study: Rihanna as a Brand

  1. Natalia H.V. Justino dijo:

    I love Rihanna. There’s the music, and I specifically love her voice but the whole package is really great. One of her main attractiveness points I think comes from the fact that so many gritty moments in her life were so public, like the Cris Brown thing, and she usually reacts to them like most of us do which makes her very real. With other celebrities sometimes they shut off and you can barely tell anything has happened, they’re so sheltered and image-driven. On a personal level it must suck to have your life exposed like that but I guess it’s the side effects of fame, right?

  2. leyregranda dijo:

    You are right Natalia! I also believe that is her biggest strength is her ability for keeping it real. Rihanna empathizes with her fans and her fans with her! Another great example is the way she manages her social media, everyone can tell is her behind the phone posting pictures or tweeting stuff… She is just her, with the good and the bad things, at least that is what they want us to think. Thanks for all your comments! :)

  3. Barbara Rose dijo:

    Loving this post on Rihanna as a brand. I happen to be a fan, particularly after her performance on the Grammy Award Show. She was fierce! Loved the fact that she wore an outfit so different from her norm. She was on fire. I totally agree with your post and the comments from Leyregranda. Rihanna puts herself out there and, for better or worse, I admire her raw bravery. Thanks for a great post.


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