Discover Phanzr, be closer to your fans

Phanzr is a new music analytics site, created by former DJ, Jerome Howard, that helps artists to see how their money is spent using actual data and also allows them to personally reach out and interact with their fans on a personal level like emailing or even texting fans.

Do you want to know more about it? is a website that helps artists connect with their fans more directly while having the opportunity to obtain more information about them.

Unlike other social media music platforms Phanzr is a powerful music analytic site that allows artists to personally reach out and interact with their fans on a personal level.  Artists will be able to text and e-mail fans any information from where there next performances will be to what new music they will be dropping while obtaining more data about their fans such as gender, age and race even down to a fans specific location.

Artists who join this site will also receive custom pages and custom links for promotional purposes and keep 100% of all digital sales of their content.

Phanzr‘s founder believes that if the artist has the ability to have information from their costumers/supporters while communicating directly to them, then that would create a better music experience for both the artist and the fan which will help the independent music entertainment industry as a whole. And obviously helping the artist identify the return of their investment enables them to identify market opportunities at the click of a button, so they can make more strategic decisions that will make them more successful in terms of Marketing 

“Often times you see artists selling or posting their music in various places. That could be by handing out demos; posting on various websites and to never see their mixtapes again or only view the number of plays/downloads (which can be misleading)” say’s Howard.

This is, without any doubt a dream for Music Marketing professionals and artists.

Can’t love it more!

2 comentarios en “Discover Phanzr, be closer to your fans

  1. Patrick dijo:

    Nice sight. This is a like a constantly updated Rolling Stone that a music fan can personalize. Because they cater to no names as well as hit makers, it’s great for finding new music.


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