Notorious B.I.G. death anniversary honorary Menu

Yes, it’s real, and creepy… The NYC restaurant All’onda has created a special menu to commemorate the Brooklyn emcee’s 18th death anniversary, March 9.

Chefs Chris Jaeckle and Dale Talde (of Talde restaurant) have collaborated to create the six-course menu.

Dale and I are both huge hip-hop lovers and Biggie fans, so it was sort of a natural choice for us,” Jaeckle told Billboard.

The chefs approached designing the menu by taking some of Biggie’s lyrics and “his roots and heritage from Brooklyn“.

Do you want to know the dishes?

For an appetizer,  spiced tomato soup, inspired by his line “V8 juice drinkin, Slim Fast blendin” from his song “F–k Me.” Foodies can then munch on cracked pepper jerk crab and lobster toast, which Big mentioned on “I Love the Dough” when he rapped “country house, tennis courts, and horseback ridin’, decidin’: cracked crab or lobster?”

To continue, a serving of butter poached escargot, which he famously rapped about on “Hypnotize” when he said “Escargot my car go 160 swiftly, wreck it buy a new one, your crew run run your crew run run.”

Biggie also had a love for patties from the Jamaican spot Golden Krust, so they created a curried oxtail patties, pickled scotch bonnet and ginger relish.

Last but not least, the dessert. A goat milk cheesecake, strawberry jam, cola caramel served as they channeled his love for Junior’s Cheesecake, which he used to have with a Coca-Cola on the side.

The price was 85 $ and it was served on an special event yesterday March 9th from 5:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m at All’onda (22 east 13th street in Union Square).

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