It’s not Spring, it’s Rihanna season

When you wake up in the morning and you open Instagram and all of the sudden BadgalRiri teases 3 new songs of her next album R8. When you read in the news she is releasing 3 songs featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming DreamWorks animated movie Home and that in addition to contributing music to the film, Rihanna also lends her voice to the character Tip. And just in case you haven’t had enough with that, you discover she is the new Dior girl becoming the first black woman to do so and that she is about to start filming a Documentary about her professional and personal life, then, just then, you realize it is not spring, its Rihanna season.

In the last month, Rihanna has started making buzz for what is starting to be her eighth studio album R8 pre-release promotion.

She teased three of her songs by dropping two videos on her Instagram )something that is becoming more and more trendy, releasing songs on this Social Media platform) an intense ballad entitled “Higher,” “Towards the Sun” from the soundtrack for the animated flick Home that she lends her voice to and “AmeRIHcan Oxygen” which is in the official promo for NCAA’s March Madness.

Now, the Barbadian singer has opened up about the rest of the Kanye-produced album. “I’ve made a lot of songs that are just really, really big,” she says in a new MTV interview. But with this album, Rihanna says she wanted to focus on “things that felt real, that felt soulful, that felt forever, that I could perform in 15 years. I find that when I get on stage now, I don’t want to perform a lot of my songs because they don’t feel like me. So I want to make songs that are timeless.”

And today she dropped two more songs of the “Home” movie soundtrack called “As Real As You and Me,”  a gorgeous ballad that RiRi absolutely slays and “Dancing in the Dark,” is your more typical animated film song; it’s just poppy enough to get the wee ones interested, and probably pretty tolerable for any nearby adults.



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