It’s not Spring, it’s Rihanna season

When you wake up in the morning and you open Instagram and all of the sudden BadgalRiri teases 3 new songs of her next album R8. When you read in the news she is releasing 3 songs featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming DreamWorks animated movie Home and that in addition to contributing music to the film, Rihanna also lends her voice to the character Tip. And just in case you haven’t had enough with that, you discover she is the new Dior girl becoming the first black woman to do so and that she is about to start filming a Documentary about her professional and personal life, then, just then, you realize it is not spring, its Rihanna season.

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Rihanna se convierte en imagen de Dior

¡Ya es oficial!   WWD lo ha confirmado esta mañana. Rihanna es la nueva imagen de Dior para la campaña Primavera/Verano convirtiéndose en la primera mujer negra en modelar para la firma francesa.  Algo muy difícil de conseguir, teniendo en cuenta que la industria de la moda no se caracteriza precisamente por su diversidad racial.

Tal y como mencioné en otro post (que pronto traduciré)  Case Study: Rihanna as a Brand , no es la primera vez que la super estrella firma un contrato en la industria de la moda. Ya protagonizó la campaña Primavera / Verano de Balmain el año pasado  y ha sido recientemente nombrada Directora Creativa de Puma. Ahora es una Chica Dior.

¿Qué podemos esperar de este acuerdo?

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Rihanna Becomes the First Black Woman to Model for Dior

It’s official! WWD confirmed it! Rihanna is the new model for Dior‘s new campaign becoming the first black woman to sign the deal. EPIC! Specially considering the fact that fashion industry is notorious for its narrow mindedness when it comes to diversity.

As mentioned in other post Case Study: Rihanna as a Brand, it’s not the first time the Grammy Award-winning singer inks a deal in fashion industry. She has already graced a campaign for Balmain and was recently named a creative director at Puma. And now she is a Dior Girl.

What can we expect?

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Notorious B.I.G. death anniversary honorary Menu

Yes, it’s real, and creepy… The NYC restaurant All’onda has created a special menu to commemorate the Brooklyn emcee’s 18th death anniversary, March 9.

Chefs Chris Jaeckle and Dale Talde (of Talde restaurant) have collaborated to create the six-course menu.

Dale and I are both huge hip-hop lovers and Biggie fans, so it was sort of a natural choice for us,” Jaeckle told Billboard.

The chefs approached designing the menu by taking some of Biggie’s lyrics and “his roots and heritage from Brooklyn“.

Do you want to know the dishes?

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Case Study: Rihanna as a Brand

 Rihanna is one of the most succesful artist of the moment and it has not been by chance. She has build a powerfull and stablished brand that could be defined in 3 words: a Rebel Bad Girl

The first things to have to be a good brand are mainly two: being marketable (having a good product and a market) and being consistent (being able to stay in the costumer’s top of mind).

She has got both of them.


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