It’s not Spring, it’s Rihanna season

When you wake up in the morning and you open Instagram and all of the sudden BadgalRiri teases 3 new songs of her next album R8. When you read in the news she is releasing 3 songs featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming DreamWorks animated movie Home and that in addition to contributing music to the film, Rihanna also lends her voice to the character Tip. And just in case you haven’t had enough with that, you discover she is the new Dior girl becoming the first black woman to do so and that she is about to start filming a Documentary about her professional and personal life, then, just then, you realize it is not spring, its Rihanna season.

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PROS & CONS DISTRIBUTION SITES (iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Soundcloud)

The latest developments in technology have changed everything in our lives and of course it has changed our relationship with music as consumers and artist’s way to sell their music. Not only we don’t have to rely in the radios or casette / CD players anymore (we can stream every song we like any place and any time) but also we don’t need to go to physicall stores anymore, we can buy music online in seconds from the comfort of our homes.

And if you can buy them it means someone is selling it. Artist have now the opportunity of selling their music without necessarily having the support a record label. They can now do it themselves. As simple as recording and uploading, artist’s music will be out in the market for all potential costumers interested in buying it.

There are many music digital stores worldwide. The most important are Itunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and Amazon. Lets go through the Pros and Cons of each one. Seguir leyendo