HI everyone!

My name is Leyre Granda. I always wanted to be an artist, but my parents wouldn’t be so proud so I decided to be a Publicist (for them a better choice would have been becoming a Dentist but that was asking for too much! )…

I know by heart more than 10.000 lyrics, I dance while I do house cleaning and I always sign “with Love”, I sing in the shower and I imagine music videos while I drive…

I openly recognize it. I am not ashamed of it. Well, a little bit, but that’s the only way to make you understand why I’ve decided to write this blog.

The aim is to comment music news, marketing and promotion strategies from my expert in Marketing, PR and Advertising point of view. I will also include interviews to remarkable people in this Music and Entertainment Industry.

This is my first blog, I am not yet an expert in the field (and I say “yet” cause I am working to become an expert one day). My comments will be based in my personal point of view.

I invite you to participate with your comments and suggestions. We will learn from each other!





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